Return to Pentwyn, to see mistletoe plantings

A visit to the small orchard at Gwent Wildlife Trust’s  Pentwyn Farm Nature Reserve, in Gwent, almost but not quite in the Wye valley (and not to be confused with Radnorshire Wildlife Trust’s Pentwyn Farm Nature Reserve in Radnorshire).

Way back in February 2011 I led a mistletoe workshop here, during which we planted mistletoe seeds, from ripe berries, on some of the trees – that’s nearly 13 years ago now, so I wanted to see the mistletoe is faring.

And it is doing just fine, several healthy plants, both male and female, all on the apple trees where we planted them.  I had forgotten though how tiny this orchard is – seeming like just a handful of trees  on the edge of the nature reserve and just round the back of the pub (The Bush) in Penallt village.

Small it may be but perfectly formed – as well as a variety of apple trees there’s a pear, at least one plum and a medlar here too.  No mistletoe on those, we went for the easy-win when planting and just went for the apples trees!  I met with BBC Radio Wales on the day I visited – recording a piece about mistletoe for broadcast nearer Christmas, more on that in due course.

Interested in growing your own mistletoe?
Have a look at the website here and the mistletoe grow-kits available to order from the English (and Welsh too!) Mistletoe Shop here.