Return to the Druids (Rite – day 2)

Sunday am, back in the Forest. This morning the main task was to distribute the mistletoe amongst the groups present, and discuss the way forward. Again I’ll give no details here – suffice to say that the mistletoe, still suspended from the ground was divided up, including some to me. And there was much discussion over destinations, sacred places and possible seeding in sacred groves. More on that as and when it happens next spring – if I’m invited to assist. Most of those present were journeying to the Gorsedd at Stonehenge in the afternoon – and some material was selected for that ceremony too.

As part of the discussion I was invited to give a presentation – based on one of my mistletoe talks. This was well-received, especially the bits about the anthroposophic mistletoe philosophy and herbal and medical uses and the bits about mistletoe distribution and grow-your-own (for a booklet on growing your own go to Nick Wheeldon’s website). A good interactive presentation.

But then it was time for farewells – and lots of promises to keep in touch. In case you’re wondering who the druids are, I can tell you that this group were from all walks of life and a wide age-range, with a majority probably in the 30 and 40 something range. For more info on druids check out the Druid Network site, and if you’re really keen have a think about the Albion Conclave’s distance-learning course. Or try out the druid advice for an ethical Christmas. For myself I’m happy just to stay in touch and help with the mistletoe initiatives when and where I can.

But what, in the meantime, do I do with my share of the sacred mistletoe? I don’t want to just hang it up and burn it next year – I do that with ‘ordinary’ mistletoe already. And I haven’t got a sacred grove to plant the berries in. Or have I? My understanding is that these sacred groves can be anywhere you hold to be special – and I can think of several of those. Or I could simply ‘create’ one of my own – we’re due to plant more shrubs and trees in the garden soon – would that suffice? I’ll have a think about it, and might ask for advice. For now I’ll keep the plant in the cold to conserve the berries until planting time in February. And, of course, suspended so it can’t touch the ground. In practice this means dangling from the garage ceiling, which, though not particularly deferential, should (I hope) be sufficient.

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