Roadside sales, more Radio and the Dursley birders

Monday! Off to work again. But via Standish Churchyard, for yet another local radio interview (pretending to be in another county – that’s the great thing about radio – you can get away with more than on TV). I chose Standish for the mistletoe in the churchyard lime trees – one needs to have some reality even if in the wrong county (wouldn’t do to pretend we’re looking at mistletoe – that would be a pretend too far).

Anyway, that all went ok and I was v pleased to find an adjoining roadside mistletoe stall with an honesty box – collecting mistletoe money for charity – £2 per sprig. Not much sign of any customers yet – and I’ve already got lots in the back of the car. But hope it does well this week.

In the evening off to Dursley – to do one of my “mistletoe miscellany” talks to the local bird club. A good turn out – but that might have been for the hot punch and mince pies not me. Recently revamped the talk – to cover the Mistletoe Festival at Tenbury – which adds more to the “miscellany” – now covering:

• What is Mistletoe?
• Mistletoes worldwide
• Mistletoe legends and myths
• Mistletoe in Britain and Europe
• Mistletoe Biology
• Mistletoe distribution UK
• Where do get yours?
• Mistletoe in Art
• Mistletoe in Medicine
• Current UK Mistletoe initiatives

Seems a lot to cover – but no-one went to sleep so it must have been ok!