Off to Rothamsted Research station this evening – to speak to local branch of the Institute of Biology on, er, mistletoe. I cut it fine as the journey along M25 and M1 was at crawling speed – what is it with our road system? – this was at 6.30 in the evening! And obviously so common a phenomenon it didn’t even make it to the local radio traffic reports.

But I got there, just in time, and had a good evening with a small, but I think appreciative, audience.

Whole evening slightly overshadowed, for me, over that journey time. Particularly annoying as I had been due at a meeting in London and so could have been there much earlier – except that that meeting had been cancelled (a dayjob problem – all to do with the SWRDA… who seem slightly incompetent – but don’t quote me on that as we need their money…). But if I had gone to the earlier meeting I’d have got to Rothamsted on time, and maybe even managed to nip out to Kew to look at Masaya’s mistletoe seedlings in the afternoon… Ok I’ll stop moaning now.