September’s wacky mistletoe product – a £400 kitchen extractor

Just back from the Sheffield Orchards Conference (see blog entry for 3rd Sept) and am full of new ideas and initiatives to take forward in my campaign for better mistletoe management (see 3rd Sept and various rantings from last winter season).  More on all that in due course.

Ikea_worktop But whilst there I was told about Ikea's mistletoe-themed kitchen worktop – which, of course, I just had to investigate.  I assumed it was just one of those vague mistletoe-green items ( like those weird 'mistletoe-scented' candles you can buy at Christmas – which are really just a sort of mistletoe green – the scent is nothing to do wth mistletoe at all). 

But to my surprise I found that it really is mistletoe-themed – a reversible (green one side, white the other) mistletoe foliage patterned surface.  But why?

Ikea_extractor Even odder is that the only matching item I could find by searching the Ikea website is this 'free-hanging extractor hood'  – which is designed for hanging over your kitchen island hob and contains lights and an extractor unit (capable of processing 274 m³/h and controlled, lights and fan, by the dangling stick).  Click the image to see the mistletoe pattern.  

But why mistletoe?  And why this hood unit? Especially as this extractor hood retails at £429.00.  And just who wants a mistletoe-themed kitchen – other than me, obviously.  

I must say that I do rather like it but I

  • a) don't have an island hob to hang this over and
  • b) couldn't afford it even if I had