Some public mistletoe events 2008/9

No further news on Tenbury Mistletoe Festival events yet but here are a few that I'm involved in and that will be open to the general public (so not counting those organised by local societies etc, that may only be open to members – will add any of those that are open to the public later):

11th October 2008 As part of the Big Apple Autumn Weekend 2008
Living with Mistletoe. One hour pruning demonstration by Chris Fairs of Bulmers and Jonathan Briggs of Mistletoe Matters, in young and old orchards at Pixley House (GR663383) 11.30am and again at 2pm.  No charge.

5th December 2008, As part of WorthAttention's winter events programme
Mistletoe in Art and Science, Jonathan Briggs, 19:45 – 21:00 Details and costs from here.

31st January 2009
A Mistletoe Meander at Much Marcle.  A Plantlife Event with Jonathan Briggs.  Details to be announced.