Start of Season 4 – Festival leaflet – Herefordshire

A meeting with Jen Green, Chair of the Mistletoe Festival Committee to finalise design of the Festival leaflet.


A lot of last-minute details have meant that the leaflet is just a little overdue – and, muggins that I am, it is my job to produce it. 


But this should be the last time we go through it – though inevitably we add a few bits and pieces, which means all the font sizes and line spacings have to be changed, again. 


Even after all this it goes a bit wonky at the printers – a lesson learnt there – don’t send them the editable version as their version of the software may open it slightly differently.  Always go for trusty pdfs.


I must get it uploaded now and accessible from the festival website (yes, I do that too) – in the meantime you can download it by following this link for the outside (which lists the sponsors etc), and this link for the inside (which has the events).


Note to self:  I must either a) stop volunteering for this sort of thing or b) learn how to use CorelDraw properly. 

NB am still getting podcast material as I go – but still haven’t had time for audio production…