Summer 2008 – time for some updates…

It's a long time since my last entry – but hey, mistletoe is a very seasonal thing you know.  And I've been very busy on non-mistletoe stuff – a man can't live on mistletoe alone.

It was a good mistletoey late winter and spring – lots of mistletoe activity – walks, talks, sales of TEME mistletoe grow-kits, and reviewing mistletoe plantings in some key London locations – but it seems a bit late to describe all of that now.  I didn't blog it at the time as I was rather pre-occupied with other matters.

Greenberries But it's getting close to the new season now, and the enquiries are beginning to come in – mainly from the media, and from photographers wanting mistletoe for fashion shoots etc.  Most of these have to be put off – as mistletoe in early-mid summer just doesn't look right – small green oval berries and semi-developed new leaves.  Ok at a distance perhaps but not close-up.   

So, it's probably time I finally updated the mistletoe website, in anticipation of the new season – and the various mistletoe initiatives (you'll read about them here first) that will be taking place.

But not today – I need to get a few things sorted out first….