Telegraph’s low-key correction (media round-up 2012 #6)

Telegraph pic used to illustrate letter about mistletoe in Bushey Park, Richmond. The location is an orchard in Tenbury Wells. Go figure.

Have just found yesterday’s letter to the Telegraph (see comments yesterday) in their website edition. It’s an accurate statement by the letter writer – that contrary to their earlier report mistletoe is abundant – but the letter is about growths in Bushey Park, Richmond, and so the Telegraph have headlined it as ‘Parks show no sign of a mistletoe shortage‘.

Which is nowhere near an admission that the wider ‘mistletoe shortage’ they reported is imaginery – and only exists in the mind of Lucy Kinder, their reporter who conflated berry shortages in other plants to berry shortages in mistletoe.  A pity – I know it’s only a trivial matter but a correction would be good.  I’m not going to write to them about it though – they should, if they had competent reporters, be able to work it out for themselves…

But I like the picture they used – as that bloke with the basket is me – though as it’s in an orchard in Tenbury Wells it doesn’t really illustrate the point made in the letter – a pic of Bushey Park would, surely, be more appropriate.