The new-look Mistletoe Pages – and Info Sheets and Posters

Keeping the Mistletoe Pages website up-to-date is an one of those perpetual tasks.  It has been through several design changes in its 12 year life – but this season, partly to aid editing, it has been migrated entirely to a WordPress system. You can see it here.

So it should all be up-to-date now? Well, not quite – there are still a few gaps to fill with info, but it’s almost all there. Feedback is always welcome so do have a look around.  I’m hoping all remaining gaps will vanish in a the next week or so.

Themes within the site include What is Mistletoe, Traditions, Distribution, Hosts and Habitats, Conservation, Art, Medicine, Grow-Your-Own and Mistletoe trading.

Alongside the new-look website there are also new printable mistletoe information sheets and downloadable mistletoe posters, hosted by provided by Mistletoe Matters Consultancy – but, as with the website, there are still a few gaps (mainly for the info sheets) there too which should be filled very soon. Posters include general mistletoe pictures, mistletoe harvesting in France, and several mistletoe in Art Nouveau compilations.

New this morning is info sheet No 6 (No 1-5 still being prepared, these aren’t being completed in order…) on birds and insects – click the thumbnails below to see it.