The TEME Mistletoe Kit: Grow-your-own

The TEME mistletoe shop is back in buisness – but the Valentine Mistletoe isn’t moving very fast. That’s not really surprising – as there are a lot of valentine products out there and TEME haven’t really advertised. The exercise is more about seeing people’s reaction and feedback than making a profit (this year). And there’s not much time left for new orders now.

There is more interest in the TEME Grow-your-own Mistletoe Kit – and as this will be available for another 6 or 7 weeks there could be quite a run on these. The kit content was only finalised this week – with a colour ‘how to grow it’ leaflet compiled (by me) for inclusion.

The whole package, pictured left, is shoe-horned into a plastic pillow-pack – originally conceived for the valentine’s gift but surprisingly suitable for the kit as well.