Twittering mistletoe? Thrushes v Blackcaps?

Here at Mistletoe Matters HQ, there’s not been a lot of tweeting.  Haven’t ever quite got the point of it.  But, as there’s been a sudden surge in blog viewing data today, I thought perhaps I should check whether it might be due to some twitter trending that was happening behind the scenes.

So, I dusted down my little used twitter account @Viscumalbum and had a quick look for #mistletoe – and, as expected, found that the twitosphere is full of ravings/rantings about that Bieber bloke and his mistletoe song (see blogs from October for views on that…).  Am unlikely to have got many hits from that lot.  So, am none the wiser on the surge – and didn’t find a lot of material of any use either.

One thing that did catch my attention was a tweet from Kate Humble, mentioning she was off to film thrushes on mistletoe for the Christmas Springwatch special.  I hope she and the beeb are not limiting this to thrushes though – the big bird story for mistletoe these days isn’t thrushes, it’s a new race of Blackcaps, overwintering here from Germany, and possibly implicated in the spread of new mistletoe colonies.  It would be a shame if Springwatch missed out on that story – maybe I’ll be forced to actually use twitter and reply to her…