Very cold mistletoe

Well, it looks like a rather chilly mistletoe season this year.  Have already been out at the crack of dawn for a photographer who wanted mistletoe harvesting in frost, and am expecting more early morning mistletoe encounters this week.

That recent frosty photo-call was at Day’s Cottage orchards in Gloucestershire, where Dave Kasper was harvesting for Gloucestershire markets.  Rod Kirkpatrick‘s frosty photos made the Daily Telegraph and the Western Daily Press on Saturday – I’ll try and get one of them from him to post up here.  The pic below isn’t one of his, it’s just to show, er, frosty mistletoe.

From this week and through December I’ll be blogging more regularly, as there are quite a few mistletoey things to report on this year – some entirely new, though a few others may be more familiar.

Topics will include conservation, mistletoe insects, does mistletoe have a scent, mistletoe management, online sales, importing mistletoe past and present, where do you get yours, mistletoe tea, mistletoe decor, all in the context of the ancient, long-standing traditions of mistletoe.  Plus news about the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe  Festival and Auctions of course.

Mistletoe Questionnaire:
Please take part in our new ‘Mistletoe: Where do you get yours’ questionnaire.  It only takes a few minutes, and will help future mistletoe management by providing information on where and how people obtain mistletoe.  Click here to take part.

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