Waitrose and other stories

Waitrose have, apparently, sold rather a lot of mistletoe this season.  240% up on last year already.

Their Horticulture Buying Manager Sue Steptoe said “A kiss under the mistletoe is a wonderfully romantic Christmas tradition. This year sales have soared to such an extent we’ve had to get our hands on extra mistletoe to meet demand. We’ll be responsible for nearly half a million kisses by Christmas.”

(If you want to buy from Waitrose visit one of the shops, or buy online via http://www.johnlewis.com/231053334/Product.aspx.  But remember you can buy online from other vendors too – see this blog for 10th December)

Other current mistletoe news and links of interest:

The RSPB’s Countdown to Christmas Blog covers mistletoe today, and includes a link to the mistletoe survey…

The 2010 Mistletoe Survey still needs more participants – so do take part if you haven’t already, it’s just a short questionnaire about where you get your mistletoe and what you do with it…

And if you want to see, or hear, mistletoe trivia from the comfort of home over Christmas you’ll find it featured on ITV1’s Countrywise programme on Christmas Eve at 4.55pm (probably at the start of the programme), (UPDATE 21st Dec – the mistletoe feature will be in Countrywise’s broadcast on Wednesday 22nd, not their Christmas Eve show) and mistletoe will be the main feature of BBC Radio 4’s Open Country on Christmas Day at 06.07 (yes, that’s 6.07 am!), repeated at 3.00pm on Thursday 30th.  More about the Open Country Mistletoe programme here.