Welcome to Mistletoe Diary 2005

Mistletoe Diary 2005 picks up where Mistletoe Blog 2004 finished…

It will cover Jonathan’s new mistletoe adventures in the run-up to Christmas. Items should include:

  • Has the mistletoe auction really been stopped?
  • Travels in search of mistletoe – at home and abroad
  • An insider’s view of the new Mistletoe festival, Mistletoe Ball and, wait for it…. National Mistletoe Day (you read it here first!)
  • News on where to buy proper (ie English) Mistletoe
  • An update on the Druid’s Mistletoe Foundation
  • London Mistletoe News – where does it grow and why…
  • Bugging Mistletoe – the insect parasites that eat the parasite
  • New links to new mistletoe sites
  • This year’s mistletoe gossip…. and much much more….

This year’s diary will start in October – so come back soon.