Which mistletoe do you require?

An automated email reminder from the States reminds me of that slight confusion over mistletoe species that happens each year.

If you are stateside the mistletoe you kiss under is a species of Phoradendron – a genus of white-berried mistletoes particularly common in the south (especially Texas – though do remember it is the State Flower for Oklahoma).

If you are in Europe you kiss under a species of ViscumV.album to be precise – which is the true mistletoe of legend etc.

If you are ordering online do pick the right one – the US one doesn’t travel well long-distance! The US species can be bought from several suppliers but I recommend trying Rose Ziesemer in Texas – you can get to her site by clicking here. Back home in Britain do try the TEME site by clicking here.

Oh, and do remember that the US species is poisonous (allegedly) whilst the European one isn’t – despite popular myth. See last year’s blog for rantings about this issue…